Faculties, sections and networks

Faculties, sections and networks of the RANZCP represent subspecialties and interest areas of psychiatric practice.

  • Faculties are internationally recognised specialties of psychiatry with College accredited training. Membership is open to all members of the College. Accredited membership is available for members of the College who have completed the relevant Certificate of Advanced Training, or have equivalent experience in the field
  • Sections are internationally recognised academic or clinical interest areas of psychiatry. Membership is open to all members of the College.
  • Networks are groups representing broad areas within psychiatry, and are less formal than Faculties and Sections. Membership is open all members of the College. Other interested professionals including representatives from professional, carer, or consumer organisations as well as other non-College members may also be eligible to join Networks following approval from the Board. Refer to individual Network webpages for more information about non-College membership.


Addiction Psychiatry
Adult Psychiatry
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry
Forensic Psychiatry
Psychiatry of Old Age


Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry
Early Career Psychiatrists
Electroconvulsive Therapy and Neurostimulation
History, Philosophy and Ethics of Psychiatry
Leadership and Management
Perinatal and Infant Psychiatry
Private Practice Psychiatry
Psychiatry of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Rural Psychiatry
Social, Cultural and Rehabilitation Psychiatry
Youth Mental Health


Asylum Seeker and Refugee Mental Health
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Family Violence Psychiatry
Military, Veterans' and Emergency Services Personnel Mental Health

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