Membership fees

Membership fee support during COVID-19

The College understands that the COVID-19 pandemic will place increased pressure on members, and for some this may include financial strain. The College is offering increased flexibility in the payment of 2020 membership subscription fees, and has additional financial supports and options available:

Pay by instalments

Members can request to pay their annual membership subscriptions via instalments throughout the subscription year. Fellows or Affiliates can contact and trainees can contact to request a payment plan.

Reduction in fees

Members can apply for a reduction in fees for the subscription year (1 January–31 December) on a number of grounds including financial hardship, working less than 20% of a full-time equivalent across a subscription year, or suffering from a serious medical condition.

Application for reduced rate form [PDF; 233 KB]

Pandemic response sub-register and COVID-19 Pandemic scope of practice

Retired members who return to practice owing to the pandemic response sub-register (Australia) or the COVID-19 Pandemic scope of practice (New Zealand) will not be charged membership fees for the duration of their registration in this category. Should such a member wish to continue practice following the conclusion of the pandemic response sub-register/COVID-19 Pandemic scope of practice, standard membership fees and processes will apply.

Contact for more information.

Financial support

Our Support for members page offers additional resources, including financial support.

Annual subscription fees are set each year as part of the College’s budgeting process. This involves significant planning across all areas of the College, followed by detailed review by the College’s Finance Committee and Board.

A major priority each year is to limit the level of fee increases, whilst ensuring sustainability of the College’s ongoing activities.

The College’s activities relating to the RANZCP training program, examinations and Fellowship attainment, as well as external projects, are self-funding.

Audited financial reports are included in the Annual Report each year.

2020 fees

View the 2020 membership/subscription fee table [PDF; 88 KB]

Payment dates

The College’s subscription year is 1 January–31 December, and membership fees for each year must be paid by the following dates:

  • Fellow subscription fees: 30 June (discount applies for payment by 31 March) 
  • Affiliate subscription fees: 31 March
  • International Corresponding Member fees: 31 March 
  • Training fees: 31 March 

How to make payments

All members can pay fees online (by credit card).

Make online credit card payment now [member log-in required]

Other ways of making payments:

Payment method Details Australian members NZ members Overseas members
Credit card MasterCard and Visa only.
Make payments online, over the phone, or by filling out the form on your subscription notice.
Cheque Make cheques payable to RANZCP, and post to the College’s Head Office, marked to the attention of ‘The Treasurer’. ✓ (in A$)
BPAY Follow the instructions on your subscription notice. X X
Electronic funds transfer Follow the instructions on your subscription notice. X X


Note that New Zealand members must make their payments in New Zealand dollars.

How your membership fees are spent

The College vision is to improve the mental health of communities through high quality psychiatric care, education, leadership and advocacy.

Every year, the College delivers a range of services, programs and activities to achieve this vision through training, educating and representing psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2019, Fellow and Affiliate membership fees were applied by the College in the following areas:

29% – Advocacy, policy development, and community engagement

22% – College branch activities and operations

19% – Membership services, benefits and support

13% – General College administration and operations

10% – Governance, media, external relations and partnerships

7% – Continuing medical education, CPD program


►More information is contained in the College’s Financial Report.

More information

For any questions regarding fees, payments or receipts, please contact or call us toll-free on 1800 337 448 (from Australia) or 0800 443 827 (from New Zealand).