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Membership of the RANZCP is open to registered medical practitioners working or training in the field of psychiatry.

.About membership of the RANZCP (including information on membership types)

Which type of membership?

Medical practitioners who are registered in Australia or New Zealand, who wish to become psychiatrists, can apply to the College's training program (Associate membership).

Overseas-trained psychiatrists who are currently working in Australia or New Zealand can apply for Affiliate membership of the RANZCP (see below). Overseas-trained psychiatrists who are not currently working in Australia or New Zealand should visit the New applicants (specialist pathway) page for information on the Exemptions Pathway.

Affiliate membership in Australia is also available to psychiatrists who gained a Diploma of Psychological Medicine (DPM) qualification in Australia before 1994.

Once a psychiatrist has successfully completed the College's training program, or met the Fellowship requirements via the Exemptions Pathway, he/she is eligible to become a Fellow of the College.

Other types of involvement

Medical students and medical practitioners with an interest in psychiatry can join the RANZCP's Psychiatry Interest Forum.

Medical practitioners with an interest in psychiatry, but who do not wish to undergo psychiatry training, can enrol in the RANZCP's CPD Program.

Affiliate membership

Why become an Affiliate member?

Becoming an Affiliate member formalises and strengthens your relationship with the RANZCP  –  the peak body for psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand.

As an Affiliate member, you will benefit from the educational opportunities, advocacy,  projects and development work the College undertakes. There are also specialised support services aimed at overseas-trained psychiatrists.

.About Australian Affiliate membership [PDF; 3 MB]

.About New Zealand Affiliate membership [PDF; 130 KB]

The range of exclusive benefits and entitlements includes:

  • networking opportunities
  • enrolment in the RANZCP CPD Program
  • access to psychiatry-related education, activities and resources
  • discounted attendance at conferences
  • College newsletters and bulletins
  • College journals – Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry and Australasian Psychiatry
  • a say in the future and direction of your profession

.More about Membership benefits

Who can become an Affiliate member?

There are different requirements for Affiliate membership depending on whether you are in Australia or New Zealand.


To apply for Affiliate membership, you must:

  • hold either an overseas specialist qualification in psychiatry that allows you to practice as a psychiatrist in the country where you trained, or an Australian Diploma of Psychological Medicine (DPM) qualification granted up until 1994, AND
  • be currently employed as a specialist psychiatrist in Australia OR be registered with the RANZCP as an exemption candidate.

New Zealand

To apply for Affiliate membership, you must:

  • be either provisionally vocationally registered or vocationally registered in psychiatry, AND
  • be currently employed as a psychiatrist, with a current practising certificate.

How to apply for Affiliate membership

1. Complete the Affiliate Membership Application form (see below). Your application form must also be signed by either two Fellows or one Fellow and one Affiliate member of the RANZCP.

.Affiliate Membership Application form (Australia) [PDF; 160 KB]

.Affiliate Membership Application form (New Zealand) [PDF; 430 KB]

2. Provide the following documentation

  • your current CV
  • documents confirming your current employment as a specialist and/or status as an RANZCP Exemption Candidate
  • letter of good standing, and confirmation of current registration from relevant Medical Board
  • certified copies of your psychiatric qualifications.

3.  Submit the form and the above documentation as per the instructions on the form.

Your application will then be forwarded to the RANZCP Board for consideration. Annual fees are payable.

International Corresponding Membership

A category of RANZCP membership for specialist qualified psychiatrists outside of Australia and New Zealand.

Join as an International Corresponding Member to build professional relationships with the College and our members.

As an International Corresponding Member, you will be entitled to a great range of benefits and services through the RANZCP, including:

International Corresponding Membership is a non-clinical form of membership which does not entitle you to practice in Australia or New Zealand. It will also not provide you with any benefit in terms of pathways to Fellowship of the RANZCP or being assessed as suitable to practice in Australia or New Zealand.

Annual membership fees for International Corresponding Membership of the RANZCP are reviewed yearly and are scaled as per the World Bank country classifications.

.View the fee schedule

.International Corresponding Membership application form [PDF; 270 KB]

For any questions regarding membership of the RANZCP, please contact or call us toll-free on 1800 337 448 (from Australia) or 0800 443 827 (from New Zealand).

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