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  • Specialist old age psychiatry workforce and training

    Old age, Professionalism, Workforce

    Old age psychiatry focuses on the mental health of older people. RANZCP and the Royal College of Psychiatry UK have agreed to cooperate on initiatives to increase the training and skills of its workforce. 

    Position statement
    • Last updated: Jul 2016
    • Published in Australia
    • PS #66
  • Psychiatry services for older people

    Addressing health inequities, Culturally safe practice, Old age, Professionalism

    The RANZCP recognises the importance of a holistic, age and culturally appropriate approach to addressing mental illness in older people, informed by the principles of recovery, independence, dignity and quality of life.

    Position statement
    • Last updated: Nov 2019
    • Published in Australia
    • PS #22
  • Relationships between old age psychiatry and geriatric medicine

    Addressing health inequities, Collaborative care, Culturally safe practice, Ethics, Old age, Professionalism

    Old age psychiatry and geriatric medical services need to work closely together to ensure the best treatment and care of older people.

    Position statement
    • Last updated: Oct 2022
    • Published in Australia
    • PS #31
  • Psychiatric service delivery for older people with mental disorders and dementia

    Addressing health inequities, Culturally safe practice, Dementia, Ethics, Old age, Professionalism

    A summary of evidence on effective models of psychiatry service delivery for older people. RANZCP has endorsed this resource produced by the Sax Institute. URL Clinical guideline

    Clinical guideline
    • Last updated: Dec 2021
    • Published in Australia
    • Endorsed external guidance