Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee

Reporting directly to the RANZCP Board, the Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee (PPPC) is responsible for executing priorities in the College’s Strategic Plan as it relates to the practice and profession of psychiatry.

► Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee Regulations [PDF; 192 KB]


The Chair of the Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee is Dr Sue Mackersey. Contact the committee at


The PPPC comprises:

  • A Board Director (chair)
  • Deputy Chair, Practice and the Profession portfolio 
  • Deputy Chair, Partnerships and Community portfolio 
  • Chair, Committee for Professional Practice
  • Chair, Committee for Research
  • Chair, Committee for Therapeutic Interventions and Evidence-Based Practice
  • Chair, Community Collaboration Committee
  • Chair, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Committee
  • Chair, Te Kaunihera
  • Carer representative 
  • Consumer representative
  • Representative, Overseas-Trained Psychiatrists’ Representative Committee
  • Representative, Trainee Representative Committee


The PPPC functions in two key areas:

  • Practice and the Profession:
    • Professional practice and ethical standards
    • Clinical standards and evidence-based practice, including research activities
    • Clinical practice guidelines and professional practice guidelines
    • Position statements and clinical memoranda
    • Review of psychiatric treatments
  • Partnerships and community:
    • Relationships between the College and the mental health environment, including but not limited to Indigenous issues in Australia and New Zealand
    • Engagement and relationships with community groups including carers, consumers and families
    • Engagement with other professional mental health groups, government, policy makers, funding bodies and key non-governmental organisation stakeholders in consultation with the Office of the President and CEO and External relations functions.
    • Enhancement of high standards of collaborative mental health care.

Constituent committees

  • The Practice and the Profession portfolio
    • Committee for Research
    • Committee for Evidence-Based Practice
    • Committee for Professional Practice
  • Partnerships and the Community portfolio
    • Community Collaboration Committee
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Committee
    • Te Kaunihera.

►Details of these committees can be found on the Committees page.

Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee (PPPC): How, What, Why?

Poster from the NZNC 2020 conference.

► Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committee (PPPC): How, What, Why? [PDF; 168 KB]

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