PIF Advisory Group

Responsible to the Board, and reporting through the Membership Engagement Committee (MEC) to the Board, the PIF Advisory Group (Advisory Group) provides strategic advice and guidance for the PIF project, as outlined in the agreed DoH proposal for the period March 2021 - February 2022.

The Advisory Group will oversee a range of activities to increase medical students and junior doctors' involvement with the RANZCP, promote the discipline of psychiatry, and demonstrate psychiatry career possibilities.

Psychiatry Interest Forum Advisory Group Terms of Reference [PDF; 133 KB]

Note: The Terms of Reference are currently under review.  If you have any questions, please contact ranzcp@ranzcp.org.

Committee Chair and Committee Contact Information

The current Chair of the Committee is Dr Elizabeth Moore.
Contact the committee at pif@ranzcp.org.

Committee Member Commitment Required

Committee key responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring initiatives meet the objectives of the PIF project to increase engagement with medical students and junior doctors.
  • Assisting with the equitable and transparent assessment of sponsorship applications and competition processes.
  • Supporting the development of print and online resources within the approved project framework.
  • Approving new initiatives in accordance with the approved project budget.

Meeting frequency:

The Advisory Group typically meets 3 times per calendar year by videoconference (each meeting is approximately 1 hour in duration).

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