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Section Subcommittees

The Binational Section Committee approves the establishment of a Section Subcommittee.

A minimum of five (5) to a maximum of 10 members (including the Chair) are required to form and operate a Section Subcommittee.

Membership of the Subcommittee should include a mix of Fellows, Affiliates and, where possible, a Trainee(s) to encourage input from all memberships groups within the College.

Section Subcommittees' Regulations [PDF; 231 KB]

Role and Key Responsibilities of Section Subcommittees

A Section Subcommittee is established on the approval of a Bi-national Section Committee to engage with Section members at the local level, and, in consultation with the respective Bi-national Section Committee, carry out the responsibilities of the Bi-national Committee within its respective jurisdiction as required, including:

  • Developing, coordinating and promoting local activities, for example, meetings, events for CPD, networking events, or local policy work as required for members in that jurisdiction.  
  • Responding to any queries and/or provide advice when requested from the RANZCP Board or other College committees relevant to the Subcommittee’s area of psychiatric specialty.
  • Communicating with the local College Branch or New Zealand National Office to promote the Section Subcommittee’s activities in local communiques.
  • Maintaining close communication and collaboration with the Bi-national Section Committee, and the appropriate Branch Committee or New Zealand National Committee, on other College matters relevant to that Subcommittee.  
  • Identifying and raising any risks through the Section Subcommittee Chair to the Bi-national Section Committee.

Subcommittee Member Commitment Required

Meeting frequency

Section Subcommittee meetings are typically held face-to-face as required.  The duration of Section Subcommittee meetings may be different, depending on the meeting agenda.

Subcommittee Chair

The Chair of the Section Subcommittee, elected by members of the Section Subcommittee, becomes the Jurisdictional Member of the Bi-national Section Committee.  

The Chair of the Section Subcommittee is responsible for ensuring that all local activities have the appropriate Bi-national Section Committee approval and informing the State/Territory Branch or New Zealand National Committee of Subcommittee activities.

Current Subcommittee Chair and Contact Information

New South Wales Jurisdiction

Subcommittee Current Chair
Section of Youth Mental Health Subcommittee Dr Megan Kalucy

New Zealand Jurisdiction

Subcommittee Current Chair
Section of Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry Subcommittee TBC
Section of Electroconvulsive Therapy and Neurostimulation Subcommittee Dr Tibor Csizmadia

Queensland Jurisdiction

Subcommittee Current Chair
Section of Neuropsychiatry Subcommittee Prof Harry McConnell
Section of Perinatal and Infant Psychiatry Subcommittee Dr Susan Roberts
Section of Rural Psychiatry Subcommittee Dr Andrew Amos

South Australia Jurisdiction

Subcommittee Current Chair
Section of Electroconvulsive Therapy and Neurostimulation Subcommittee Dr Susan Waite


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