Australian Government Funded Training Programs Committee

As part of RANZCP’s involvement in application rounds for Specialist Training Program (STP) and Military and Veteran Psychiatry Training Program (MVPTP) funding, the Australian Government Funded Training Programs Committee (AGFTPC) will review and rank all STP and MVPTP Psychiatry applications, and will determine which applications are to be submitted to the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) for approval.

The Committee is time limited for the duration of the AGFTP. The duration of the AGFTP is determined by the Department of Health and Aged Care and DVA.

Australian Government Funded Training Programs Committee Regulations [PDF; 183 KB] outline the role, responsibilities, committee composition and election processes of the Committee. 


The AGFTP Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing criteria for assessment of Psychiatry STP and MVPTP applications. 
  • Reviewing all Psychiatry STP and MVPTP applications, and in conjunction with advice from relevant Branch Training Committees (BTC) / Psychiatric Training Committees, regional training hubs and jurisdictions, determining which applications are to be submitted to the DoH and DVA for approval.
  • Reviewing and amending application assessment criteria, as required.
  • Monitoring and reviewing STP and MVPTP posts as required to ensure alignment with the objectives and deliverables of the program.
  • Providing advice on relevant STP and MVPTP related support projects, as required.
  • Consulting, where appropriate, with other STP and MVPTP stakeholder groups agreed upon by the Education Committee (EC).
  • Developing and implementing an annual work plan.
  • Identifying and managing risks associated with its committee, in accordance with the RANZCP’s Risk Management Policy, and for reporting high level risks to the EC and the Corporate Governance and Risk Committee (CGRC).  The Committee will maintain a Risk Register. 

Membership of the Committee

The AGFTP Committee comprises:

  • Chair, Fellow (independent) i.e. not a Director of Training (DoT) or Director of Advanced Training (DoAT)
  • ACT BTC Representative (DoT or DoAT)
  • NSW BTC Representative (DoT or DoAT)
  • NT BTC Representative (DoT or DoAT)
  • QLD BTC Representative (DoT or DoAT)
  • SA Psychiatric Training Committee (SAPTC) Representative (DoT or DoAT)
  • TAS BTC Representative (DoT or DoAT)
  • VIC Psychiatric Training Committee (VCPT) Representative (DoT or DoAT) 
  • WA BTC Representative (DoT or DoAT)
  • Committee for Training Representative 
  • Bi-national Section of Rural Psychiatry Committee Representative
  • Military, Veterans' and Emergency Services Personnel Mental Health Network Committee Representative.

Meeting frequency

The AGFTP Committee typically meets 2 times per calendar year:

  • 1 face-to-face meeting held in Melbourne (typically up to 6 hours’ duration)
  • 1 videoconference meeting (typically up to 2 hours’ duration).

Additional meetings maybe required during the calendar year dependant on activity requirements.

Committee members will also be required to respond to emails between formal meetings.

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