RANZCP Committees

A list of the RANZCP committees is provided below:

For more information about an individual committee, including current membership, please contact ranzcp@ranzcp.org.

Committees organisational chart [PDF; 208 KB]

Board Committees

Education Committees

Committee for Examinations

Committee for Training

Subcommittees for Advanced Training (SAT)

Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committees

The Practitioner and the Profession Portfolio

Partnerships and External Relations Portfolio

Membership Engagement Subcommittees


Bi-national Committee for Trainees

Australian Branch and New Zealand National Committees

Bi-national Faculty Committees


Bi-national Section Committees

Faculty and Section Subcommittees


Network Committees


Working/Steering Groups

Committee Meeting Operations Regulations

Committee Meeting Operations Regulations [PDF; 269 KB]

These Regulations document committee meeting operations that are generic to all College Committees (not relevant to Advisory Groups, Oversight Panels or Steering Groups). This document is to be read in conjunction with the Committee’s Regulations/Terms of Reference which outlines, at a minimum, the Committee’s role(s)/ responsibilities, reporting relationships, composition/membership and election/appointment/casual vacancy processes.

Until such time that a committee’s Regulations/Terms of Reference have been updated to remove the operational information, please contact the College’s Governance Unit for assistance where committee operational matters require clarification via ranzcp@ranzcp.org.

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