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RANZCP Committees

A list of the RANZCP committees is provided below:

For more information about an individual committee, including current membership, please contact

Committees organisational chart [PDF; 132 KB]

Board Committees

Education Committees

Committee for Examinations

Committee for Training

  • Committee for Training
  • Australian Branch and New Zealand National Training Committees
  • Joint Training Committee Dual Fellowship Training Program

Subcommittees for Advanced Training (SAT)

  • SAT Addiction Psychiatry
  • SAT Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • SAT Consultation–Liaison Psychiatry
  • SAT Forensic Psychiatry
  • SAT Psychiatry of Old Age
  • SAT Psychotherapies Psychiatry
  • SAT Training Adult Psychiatry

Practice, Policy and Partnerships Committees

The Practitioner and the Profession Portfolio

  • Committee for Evidence-Based Practice
  • Committee for Professional Practice
  • Committee for Research

Partnerships and External Relations Portfolio

Membership Engagement Subcommittees

Australian Branch and New Zealand National Committees

Bi-national Faculty Committees

Bi-national Section Committees

Faculty and Section Subcommittees

Network Committees

Working Groups

Committee Meeting Operations Regulations

Committee Meeting Operations Regulations

All committees have individual Regulations/Terms of Reference, which outline at a minimum:

  • the Committee’s role(s)
  • responsibilities
  • reporting relationships
  • composition/membership
  • election/appointment/casual vacancy processes.