About membership

Window-(1).jpgMembers of the RANZCP are part of a collegiate network of psychiatrists across Australia and New Zealand, and have access to resources, programs and events that ensure the highest standard of practice in psychiatry.

The College’s vision is of a fellowship of psychiatrists seeking the achievement of quality psychiatric care and mental health for our community.

RANZCP members are medical practitioners who are working or training in the field of psychiatry, but the College also offers opportunities for those interested in psychiatry to become involved.

Membership types

The College has three membership types:

Fellow Qualified psychiatrists who have successfully completed the RANZCP training program, or otherwise met the requirements for Fellowship of the RANZCP.
Associate Trainees currently completing the RANZCP training program in psychiatry.
Affiliate Overseas-trained psychiatrists currently working in the field in Australia or New Zealand.

In addition to membership, the College also offers participation by non-members in:

CPD Program The College's Continuing Professional Development program, designed to maintain a high standard of professional practice in psychiatry.
►„More about the CPD program
Psychiatry Interest Forum A group for medical students, pre-vocational doctors and other medical practitioners who have an interest in a career in psychiatry.
►„More about the Psychiatry Interest Forum

Becoming a member

Membership of the RANZCP is open to registered medical practitioners working or training in the field of psychiatry.
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Membership fees

About the College's membership

The College has more than 5000 members, including around 3700 fully qualified psychiatrists and 1200 associate (trainee) members.

Membership snapshot (January 2014)

Fellow 1010 947 610 362 294 301 64 53 17 132 3790
Associate 331 269 232 155 79 65 24 24 9 4 1192
Affiliate 6 18 2 157 8 0 5 1 0 3 200
Total 1347 1234 844 670 381 366 93 78 26 139 5182

Obligations of membership

Members are subject to the College's Constitution [PDF; 200 KB], Code of Ethics [PDF; 260 KB], any regulations and by-laws adopted by the RANZCP Board, and the disciplinary processes of the College.

For any questions regarding membership of the RANZCP, please contact membership@ranzcp.org or call us toll-free on 1800 337 448 (from Australia) or 0800 443 827 (from New Zealand).