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Transition between training programs

The College has phase in a new program for psychiatry training, the new 2012 Fellowship Program has replaced the previous program.

Which training program will I follow?

  • New trainees commencing training in New Zealand from December 2012 or in Australia from January 2013 will train under the new program.

    .2012 Fellowship Program
  • Existing 2003 trainees who will finish all training requirements by the end of August 2016 will likely not be affected – they will complete training under the previous program (2003 training program).

    .Submission of training forms under the 2003 Regulations [PDF; 164 KB]
  • Existing trainees who will finish all training requirements after August 2016 will be transitioned to the new Fellowship Program in a carefully managed, staged fashion. The College intends to have all trainees transition by the end of 2015 for New Zealand trainees and February 2016 for Australian trainees. Well before their transition date, all affected trainees will receive correspondence from the College. 

Transitioning between programs

For trainees who need to transition to the new program, the transition process will typically coincide with the roll-out of Stages 3 of the Fellowship program. However, each trainee's individual circumstances will be taken into consideration. No trainee will be transitioned in the middle of a rotation. 

In the lead up to transition, all 2003 trainees will receive individual correspondence from the Transition team. Trainees are not required to make an application to transition to the 2012 Program, instead this will be an automatic process.

The Transition team has identified those 2003 trainees whose training records indicate that they will complete training and attain Fellowship before 31 August 2016. These trainees will not be transitioned, and received a letter to this effect. Should a trainee not agree that they will attain Fellowship before 31 August 2016 then they will be requested to advise the transition staff of this in writing. The training record will then be flagged for transition.

All remaining 2003 trainees who transitioned have received correspondence which:

  1. Confirm that the trainee is required to transition to the 2012 Program. Their official transition date and the stage of training to which they will be moving will be provided.
  2. Provide a copy of the trainees 2003 and their newly created 2012 Training Records. The 2012 record will reflect all credits awarded as per the Transition Matrices. By providing the new training record before the start of the next rotation, trainees will be able to check their record and advise the transition staff of any concerns.

Transition Matrices 

.Stage 1 and 2 Transition matrix [PDF; 231 KB]
.Stage 3 Generalist Transition matrix [PDF; 199 KB]
.Certificate of Advanced Training in Addiction Psychiatry [PDF;84 KB]
.Certificate of Advanced Training in Adult Psychiatry [PDF; 78 KB]
.Certificate of Advanced Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry [PDF; 152]
.Certificate of Advanced Training in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry [PDF; 85 KB]
.Certificate of Advanced Training in Forensic Psychiatry [PDF; 82 KB]
.Certificate of Advanced Training in Psychiatry of Old Age [PDF; 94 KB]
.Certificate of Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies [PDF; 154 KB]

For further information:
.Transition chapter [PDF; 738 KB] of the Regulations, policies and procedures
.Transition timeline [PDF; 191 KB]


For further information, please contact:

Transition Coordinator
309 La Trobe Street
Tel +61 3 9640 0646
Fax +61 3 9642 5652