Additional training, experience and exams – overseas specialists

Additional training

If the mandatory rotations or experiences of a SIMG candidate's training are found to be incomplete as compared to the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) training then some aspects of the RANZCP training program may need to be completed. These additional requirements, usually referred to as ‘gaps in training’, will be determined by the Committee for Specialist International Medical Graduate Education (CSIMGE) during the application and assessment process, and candidates will be notified of this in the assessment outcome letter. Gaps in training requirements can apply to both Partially and Substantially Comparable Placement requirements.

An example of a gap in training requirement would be if an applicant had only 3 months FTE of Child and Adolescent training and may therefore be required to complete a further 3 months of training to obtain 6 months, which is the requirement of an RANZCP trainee to obtain Fellowship.

Required experiences

The Indigenous experience requirement is a requirement of both Partially and Substantially Comparable Placements unless the candidate has comparable previous experience and is exempted from completing it. This exemption will be noted in the specialist assessment final outcome letter.


Mandatory College administered examinations for the Partially Comparable Placement are the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and the Essay-style written examination. Refer to the Assessments page for exam information and application forms.

Substantially comparable candidate assessments are workplace-based and they do not have College administered exams.

See the Support programs - overseas specialists page for information on assistance available to SIMG candidates for exam preparation.

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