Remote audio-visual (AV) OSCE

The remote AV OSCE has been offered to a smaller cohort of 40 trainees and SIMG candidates who are highly likely to be able to complete the requirements for Fellowship by early 2021.

Date and time

Saturday 21 November 2020.

Session times (morning or afternoon) will vary according to venues, allocations and time zones. 

Candidates will be notified via email of their OSCE venue and allocation time, approximately six (6) weeks prior to the examination date.


The remote OSCE will consist of six long stations of 20 minutes each, and one bye station that may be active or inactive of 20 minutes.

The examination will be delivered via Zoom.

Candidates, examiners and role players will be located remotely throughout Australia and New Zealand. Invigilators will be stationed in-person and there will be a remote proctor with candidates at each venue.

Venue allocation will be managed by the College and include specialty assessment centres, workplaces and College approved locations.

The College reserves the right to decide on the final venue for the candidate to sit the remote AV OSCE.


The eligibility criteria prioritises candidates who have the highest chance of meeting the requirements for Fellowship by early 2021.

Candidate selection criteria is as follows:

  1. Trainees who have completed a minimum of 48 FTE months of training and have passed four of the required assessments and have the OSCE outstanding.
  2. Trainees who have completed a minimum of 48 FTE months of training and have passed three of the required assessments and have the OSCE outstanding.
  3. SIMG candidates on the partial comparability pathway who are close to the maximum 48 months FTE allowable on the pathway who only require a pass in the OSCE and have no pending appeals or withdrawals.
  4. SIMG candidates on the partial comparability pathway who are at, or very close to, the maximum 48 FTE months allowable who have not achieved success in the Essay-style Examination or the OSCE.
  5. SIMG candidates on the partial comparability pathway whose current comparability status expires in April and May 2021.

In addition to potential candidates who met this criteria, a reserve list was also generated comprised of candidates who had recorded sufficient training time to potentially achieve Fellowship by early 2021, however, had registered fewer successful assessments.

Application process

  1. Eligible candidates receive an invitation by email in late August, which includes:
    Documents Must be emailed to Submission deadline
    AV OSCE application form 5 pm (AEST), Monday 7 September 2020
    Venue nomination form 5 pm (AEST), Monday 7 September 2020

  2. After applications are submitted:
    Candidates should receive an email confirming receipt of their application within two (2) working days, provided their email has been sent and received successfully. 

  3. If candidates do not hear from the College within this time period,  they should contact the Examinations Department at

  4. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that their application has been received by the College.

    Approximately six (6) weeks prior to the examination date, candidates will be notified via email of their OSCE venue and allocation time. 

Applying for special consideration

Candidates requesting special consideration for the OSCE must apply in writing to the Committee for Examinations (CFE), in accordance with the  Special Considerations Policy (18.2) [PDF; 59 KB]. 

Requests for special consideration must accompany the Application Form, unless exceptional circumstances apply (such as the candidate experiencing a significant change in personal circumstances or medical condition(s) that occur after the examination Application Close Date). 

A separate application for special consideration must be submitted for each examination and for each re-attempt (if any). However, applicants are only required to resubmit the supporting documentation if there is a change in circumstances. 

Key dates

Applications close Monday 7 September 2020
Exam date Saturday 21 November 2020
Results date Wednesday 16 December 2020


For more information on exam dates and fees view the following documents:

Testing and familiarisation

Leading up to the exam the College will contact each venue(s) IT Department to conduct internet and hardware tests on the equipment being used in the OSCE. 

The hardware tested must be exactly the same as used in the exam. 

Candidates will also have the opportunity to test their internet, venue and device setup, as well as familiarise themselves with the remote examination at a testing day prior to the AV OSCE. 

This date is yet to be confirmed, but enrolled candidates will be notified as soon as practicable. 

Exam preparation

Familiarise yourself with Zoom.
Previous stations are available to review in preparation for the exam.
►Orientation materials are being prepared and will be available on the website in coming weeks.

On examination day

Candidates are to register in person at the specified time and venue as indicated in their examination timetable. 

Candidates must bring to the examination.

  • A government issued photographic proof of identity (e.g. passport or drivers’ licence) to be presented at registration
  • personal timer
  • pen.

Please note that candidates are not required to bring a clipboard and stethoscope, as this is a virtual exam.

Closer to the examination date, candidates will be advised if they are required to provide a personal headset and any specifications regarding the type of headset.

Existing OSCE protocols for arrival rules, permitted and prohibited items remain unchanged as per the following documents:

After the examination

Incident Reports from the examination need to be submitted within five (5) working days after the examination date. Candidates are to go to the College website to submit the Incident Reports.

Prior to the examination and results release date, candidates must ensure their email and other contact details are up to date on the College website.

Candidates’ results are scheduled to be released on the College website at 5:00pm on the specified date in the 2020 Examination Timetable

A copy of the candidate’s results will be sent to their Director of Training and/or Director of Advanced Training where applicable and also available in MyRANZCP.


  • Candidates who sit the AV OSCE in November 2020 will not be disadvantaged by the changed format.
  • If a candidate does not achieve the standard necessary to pass the remote AV OSCE in November 2020 it will not be recorded as an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Eligible candidates who select not to sit the November 2020 AV OSCE will have access to subsequent OSCEs offered in 2021.


The College will keep candidates informed of any changes via email, the Training and Assessment Newsletter and communique updates.  

The College also encourages candidates to check the College website for updates. 

If candidates have any questions regarding the remote AV OSCE, please email the College Examinations Department at


The College reserves the right to cancel the OSCE on the advice of the Australian and New Zealand Health Authorities in relation to COVID-19. If the OSCE does not proceed a full refund will be given.