OSCE November 2021

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15 December 2021

►An Alternative Assessment Pathway is now available for candidates previously enrolled in the November AVOSCE.

Exam format and delivery

All participants are expected to sit this exam from their home. Where home internet connectivity is not reliable, participants can sit from their place of work, where possible. 

Participants (candidates and examiners) will access their online exam materials via the RANZCP website.

Interactions between candidates, role players and examiners will be via Zoom. 

Station reading materials will be delivered online within the exam. Marking will be verified and completed online.

The OSCE will consist of 6 stations comprising 5 minutes reading time and 15 minutes examination time. Each station will be assessed by a single examiner.

There will be two exam sessions (Morning and Afternoon, AEDT) on exam day. Candidates will be notified of their allocated exam time in the week prior to the exam.

Connectivity tests are part of the pre-exam system checks for all participants.

Support will be available to all participants leading into the exam and on exam day to ensure everyone is familiar with the exam format.

This support includes:

  • a demonstration of the exam delivery platform
  • an opportunity to practice logging into the system
  • experience accessing the station materials and moving between stations
  • access to frequently asked questions
  • opportunities to ask questions via assesshelp@ranzcp.org.

Candidate preparation

Copy of slide deck shown in candidate video [PDF; 1.8 MB]

Practice session

Candidate practice session - cheat sheet [PDF; 65 KB] 

Exam day

Candidate Instruction Guide [PDF; 178 KB]

Candidate FAQ [PDF; 231 KB]


Examiner preparation

Copy of slide deck shown in examiner video [PDF; 1.8 MB]

Exam day

Examiner instructions [PDF; 450 KB]

Examiner FAQs [PDF; 720 KB]

Examiners - top tips [PDF; 87 KB]

Role player preparation

OSCE Assess App for Role players - slide deck from role-player training [PDF; 1.9 MB]

Training trajectory

Both successful and unsuccessful outcomes for this examination will be counted towards a candidate's trajectory.

Special Consideration Requests

Applicants requesting special consideration to sit any of the summative assessments must apply in writing to the Committee for Examinations (CFE), in accordance with the Special Considerations Policy (18.2). 

Please note: The CFE has received many untimely requests for Special Consideration involving pre-existing medical conditions after the application closing date. Late applications do have a disruptive effect on the College’s capacity to delivery exams. Please consider now if you have a known condition that will require an adjustment to the standard delivery of an exam in line with the special consideration policy. 

Applicants who have a pre-existing medical condition are reminded that they should make an application for Special Consideration if they have not already done so. This includes common conditions that require items such as inhalers, insulin pumps and sustenance, visual magnifiers, and eye drops.

Applicants who are pregnant may require special consideration with respect to access to bathroom facilities and the need to eat to prevent nausea.

Proof of identity

On the day of the exam, you may be asked to provide valid identification documents (i.e. driver’s licence or passport) before you can access the online exam materials. Specific details on exam day registration process will be provided prior to the exam.

Incident reports

Incident reports from the examination will be available at the conclusion of the exam, and must be submitted within five (5) working days from the examination date.

►20 November 2021 OSCE incident report form (closed)


November 2021 AVOSCE results update

Publication of results has been postponed for candidates who completed some stations of the November 2021 OSCE.

The criteria for this process is still to be determined in consultation with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).

Candidates will be kept informed of this process, along with progress on alternative assessment options.


The College reserves the right to cancel the OSCE on the advice of the Australian and New Zealand Health Authorities in relation to COVID-19. If the OSCE does not proceed for COVID-19 related reasons a full refund will be provided. 



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