Portfolio review

The CCA Portfolio Review assesses your three latest end-of-rotation In-Training Assessments (ITAs).

Your overall performance in the ITAs is assessed against Fellowship competencies.

ITA selection

The following rules regarding end-of-rotation ITAs apply:

  • The three most recent end-of-rotation In-Training Assessments (ITAs) will be considered.
  • A SIMG Portfolio Review will involve the three most recent ITAs, however, where three ITAs are not available, two most recent end-of-rotation ITAs may be considered for review.
  • For trainees, this must include at least one Stage 3 rotation of 6 months FTE duration and have at least one Stage 3 end of rotation ITA (6 months FTE) recorded at the College.
  • The Portfolio Review will not consider any retrospective applications to alter supervisor feedback contained in the ITA form.

Timing of portfolio reviews

The Portfolio Review process takes approximately six weeks depending on enrolment numbers.

Complete and submit your ITAs as soon as possible to ensure that your training record is up to date and avoid any delays. ITAs that have not been received cannot be considered as part of the process.


Candidates who are unable to achieve a successful Portfolio Review will proceed to the Case-based Discussion assessment.

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