Case-based discussion

The Case-based Discussion is a 45-minute clinical case-based assessment held virtually over Zoom. 

You will only be invited to a Case-based Discussion if you do not receive a satisfactory result in the Portfolio Review.

Dates and scheduling

You will be informed of the date and time of your CbD via email. 

Changes to your timeslot can only be considered in extenuating circumstances. For advice and questions contact 

Performance criteria

The RANZCP Fellowship program assesses throughout training the full range of CanMEDS Fellowship Competencies

The aim of the CbD is to assess a range of these competencies as they relate to the case presented in this assessment. 

Case summaries

  • Candidates must provide a typed case summary of up to 1500 words per case. 
  • The cases selected can be from any age range. All cases will be assessed at the standard of a generalist psychiatrist level.
  • Written case summaries will be assessed as part of the Communication domain of the CbD marking guide and submitted if/when required.
  • Candidates must de-identify the patient’s name and any other identifiable features in their case summaries. It is also recommended that candidates use the generic term ‘patient’ when discussing the case.
  • Please refer to the FAQs for more information on the submission of case summaries.

Providing documents to the College

Upload your written case summaries and patient information and consent forms via InTrain

If you are having trouble adding your documents, see our help sheet  [PDF; 121 KB]

Please ensure you have the appropriate documents for submission and read over the FAQs


Each CbD will be assessed by two accredited CbD assessors.

The College will assign assessors to a CbD assessment based on their availability and ‘Can’t See’ requirements to mitigate any conflict of interest. 


Most discussions will be held via Zoom. If Zoom cannot be accessed, you can seek approval to use Microsoft Teams as an alternative. 

Guidelines, policies and downloads

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