Section of Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry 2019 Conference

From naughty children to stranger things

16 August 2019

Special challenges for children with ASD whose parents are separating
Presenter: Dr Robert Adler
The child psychiatrist in the family court
Presenter: Dr Robert Adler
Can psychotherapies for childhood disorders be more effective?
Presenter: Professor Mark Dadds
Evidence-based management of child and adolescent aggression
Presenters: Dr John Kasinathan & Dr Yolisha Singh

Moral competence and conduct disorder among Filipino children in conflict with the law
Presenter Dr Melissa Mariano

Maintaining hope in the face of hopelessness: Applying lessons from Rogers, Klein, and Crittenden in providing psychiatric care in a juvenile justice setting
Presenter: Dr Joey Le
The expert witness
Presenter: Professor Barry Nurcombe
Barriers to mental health diversion from the New South Wales Children's Court
Presenter: Dr Annie Parsons & Dr Richard Baker
The aetiology and societal costs of childhood behavioural disorders
Presenter: Dr Kevin Rourke 
Single expert reports in a still adversarial environment
Presenter: Dr Brent waters 


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