Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology 2018 Conference

The 7th Annual Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference

23 November 2018

Is there phenotypic and neurobiological differentiation between schizotypal disorder and autism spectrum disorder in children? [PDF; 1.5MB]
Professor Bruce Tonge
ADHD – an update [PDF; 1.6MB]
Professor David Coghill
Epilepsy in the developing brain [PDF; 0.5MB]
Dr Katherine Howell
Brain and mind: who is the puppet and who the puppeteer? [PDF; 6.0MB]
Professor George Paxinos

Interpretation of abnormal evoked potentials in a functional neurological syndrome [PDF; 1.2MB]
Dr Alice Powell
Functional, factitious or fabricated? [PDF; 0.2MB]
Dr Julanne Frater
Psychiatric liaison with neurology in functional neurological disorders: a case series of psychoeducation, formulation and psychotherapy [PDF; 0.2MB]
Dr Myles Gutkin
Amyloid and Alzheimer’s disease [PDF; 3.8MB]
Professor Colin Masters
PET for clinicians [PDF; 6.8MB]
Professor Chris Rowe
Understanding MRI
A/Prof Frank Gaillard


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