Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age 2019 Conference

Finding your way in the wilderness - Interfaces and ecosystems

07 November 2019

Learnings from the Royal Commission into aged care opportunities and threats [PDF; 1016 KB]
AProf Steve Macfarlane

The Specialist Dementia Care Program operationalising the 7-Tiered Model of service delivery [PDF; 533 KB]
AProf Steve Macfarlane

Delirium Demystified [PDF; 1.5 MB]
Dr Ajay Macharouthu 

Decision-making capacity assessment The experiences and educational needs of New Zealand general 
[PDF; 677 KB]
Dr Alisha Vara

The ageing veteran and the search for meaning [PDF; 14.2 MB]
Dr Bruce Boman

Clozapine use in old age psychiatry [PDF; 393 KB]
Dr Sidhesh Phaldessai

From substitute to supported decision-marking understanding the changing landscape of guardianship 
[PDF; 934 KB]
Kate Hanslow


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