Tough times for Australians with severe mental illness. Is hope on the way?

Plenary keynote at RANZCP Congress 2021

19 May 2021

Professor David Copolov

Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health Service

Navigation guide to the Royal Commission Reports [PDF; 132 KB]

This index to the combined reports was prepared specifically for this lecture.

Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health Service (RCVMHS) - Combined document including Final Report, Interim Report and summaries and recommendations [PDF; 50 MB]  - this is a large document and may take a few minutes to download.

These RCVMHS documents were combined by Professor Copolov to facilitate the searching through and reading of the Reports. All the individual documents are the work of the Royal Commission into the Victorian Mental Health System (RCVMHS). All the original documents can be found on the RCVMHS website

Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health

Productivity Commission Inquiry Report

Slides from the Plenary 

Tough times for Australians with severe mental illness. Is hope on the way? [PDF; 3.3 MB]


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