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STP Medicare and insurance information

The Specialist Training Program (STP) is an Australian Government initiative that provides funding to health organisations to support specialist medical training experiences in settings beyond traditional public teaching hospitals.

More information on the STP program

Medicare information

Because medical practitioners working in an STP-funded post are neither Specialists nor General Practitioners, they must use Group A2 attendance items ('Other Unreferred Attendances to which No Other Item Applies').

Please note that these are current arrangements and may be changed by Medicare Australia at any time. The RANZCP will endeavour to keep this page updated with the latest information.

Under Section 3GA of the Health Insurance Act 1973, RANZCP trainees in a College-approved placement in a private setting may be eligible to obtain a provider number that applies to services provided in that training placement for the duration of that placement. Health settings should contact Medicare on 132 150 to confirm eligibility.

The Verification of Approved Training Placement – Specialist Trainees form [PDF; 22 KB] must be completed by either the organisation or trainee (in accredited STP posts) and submitted to the RANZCP Training via for processing approval prior to the trainee working in the post. Allow approximately ten working days for processing.

Once this has been completed the trainee or organisation must then apply directly to Medicare to be given a provider number. It is important to note this may take up to 30 working days. 

Indemnity insurance

Trainees must have appropriate medical indemnity insurance (including run-off cover) when training in an STP-funded post. If the hospital/employer does not provide this, trainees must provide their own indemnity insurance.

As hospital/employer indemnity arrangements for trainees vary across Australia, before taking up an STP-funded post, trainees should:

  • Contact the hospital/employer and the state/territory health department for advice.
  • Advise their current insurer of any changes in their training activities. This includes undertaking any private placements.

Insurance providers

Contact details

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