Research in psychiatry

Psychiatrists conducting researchResearch into the causes of and treatments for mental health disorders is an essential part of improving outcomes for those affected.

This section offers information to those wishing to undertake a research project, including trainees in the research component of their RANZCP Fellowship Program (the Scholarly Project) and psychiatrists who wish to engage in research.

The RANZCP also supports the research-related activities of psychiatrists and trainees by:

  • offering grants, resources, and information to improve academic and research career prospects
  • calling for adequate funding to support research and training initiatives
  • encouraging research as an important activity for psychiatric training, to encourage an interest in research early on, noting that skills developed in this area are essential to deliver clinical psychiatry.

The RANZCP Foundation funds research through donations from RANZCP members and the community.

In this section:

Preparing to conduct research
An introduction to psychiatric research, and how to get started.

Conducting research
How psychiatric research data is collected an analysed.

Write-up and publication
Tips on the publication of your research.

Useful research links


Apply for a research grant
Grants offered by the RANZCP to encourage and support research.

RANZCP Foundation
Discover how the RANZCP Foundation supports psychiatric research.