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Youth Mental Health Symposium 2013

The College's Special Interest Group in Youth Mental Health hosted its second Youth Mental Health Symposium on 28–29 June 2013.

With the theme ‘A united focus’, the conference sought to bring together a wide range of expertise and promote and foster knowledge and skills pertinent to youth mental health.

Topics covered throughout the symposium include experiences of illness and recovery, forensic aspects of youth mental health, physical health, alcohol and other drugs, personality disorder, social media and youth with developmental disabilities. 

Videos from some of the presentations are available for viewing:

Opening address
Ian Hickie 
Youth mental health national and international developments and future possibilities [37 min]


Jane Burns
Connected and creative: vision for a young and well Australia [36 min]


Nick Allen
Family processes and adolescent depression: A unique opportunity for prevention? [35 min]


Adam Deacon
Adolescent arson and fitness to plead [29 min]


Claire Gaskin 
Outside these walls? Providing effective mental health care to young offenders [28 min]


Lena Sanci 
The psychosocial health of young people presenting to primary care: findings from the Prevention Access and Risk Taking in Young people study [18 min]


Jackie Curtis
Improving physical health in young people with psychosis: time to get active [30 min]


Dan Lubman
Improving early intervention responses for youth substance use [26 min]


John Toumbourou
Alcohol use problems in Victorian youth: What are the solutions? [20 min]


Sarah MacLean
‘I’ve had a pretty tough life but that’s not why I do this’: narratives of autonomy and control among 13-15 year olds engaged in drug and alcohol treatment [21 min]


Louise McCutcheon
An early intervention program for borderline personality disorder in youth [23 min]


Jane Burns
Twitter ain't just for twits [28 min]


Karolina Stasiak
Don't turn off the computer! E-therapy for adolescents with depression [22 min]


Jenny Torr
Young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Considerations in the provision of mental health care [23 min]


Bruce Tonge
The mental health of youth with an intellectual disability [24 min]


Jane Tracy
From child to adult: building understanding and resilience in young people with intellectual disabilities [23 min]