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Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference

View presentations from the 8th Annual Neuropsychiatry and Behavioural Neurology Conference:

Genetics workshop for clinicians [ZIP; 9.6 MB]
David Darby 

Thank you for your interest in the cognitive screening workshop. It is a very practical area which I find fascinating and at the heart of good clinical assessment. The link above contains the lecture slides and ACER_MoCA pdfs, which accompany the slides. I hope that you can work through them to understand the hypothesis testing approach. My overall recommendation is to choose a screening tool and become familiar with it so you understand the qualitative nuances of performance that differ from normal.

The link also contains:

  • Aide Memoir 
  • Walsh_GnomesWorthKnowing 
  • Bonus! Young onset dementia slides - a compendium of relatively uncommon causes of YOD.

And finally, if you have a case with an interesting or confusing screening test results, please consider sending them to me for further discussion!

Post-partum steroid responsive encephalitis: a case study [PDF; 298 KB]
Zoe Dyer & Clare McLean 

MRI Imaging Workshop 
Frank Gaillard 

REM sleep behaviour disorder and trauma: a case from the Parkinson’s clinic [PDF; 1.4 MB]
Alice Powell 

Neuropsychiatry approach to Cerebellar Gluten Ataxia - A gut feeling 
Omar Eduardo Rodriguez

New diagnosis of Huntington disease presenting without chorea [PDF; 121 KB]
Kuhilan Gounder