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Section of Youth Mental Health 2019 Conference

View videos and presentations from the Section of Youth Mental Health 2019 Conference:

The importance of culture and connection for mental health well-being in indigenous youth
Presenter: Dr Derek Chong

Why is Phillip such a fidget and how can we help him? [PDF; 3.4MB]
Presenter: Professor David Coghill

Reviewing the evidence on treatment for ADHD across the life cycle [PDF; 5.8MB]
Presenter: Professor David Coghill

Deaf youth - intervening early, intervening well [PDF; 1.2MB]
Presenter: Dr Frances Dark

Impacts of weight stigma, bullying and trauma on the genesis and maintenance of eating disorders [PDF;1.2MB]
Presenter: Professor Phillipa Hay

Open dialogue [PDF; 589KB]
Presenter: Dr Daniel Pellen