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New Zealand Conference 2009

The 2009 RANZCP New Zealand Conference was held in Rotorua from 14–16 October 2009. The theme of the Conference was "Learning from the Past; Lessons for the Future". 

Videos of the keynote sessions are available below:

Professor Norman Sartorius
Usefulness and limits of considering cultural variation in the practice of psychiatry [43 min]


Professor Sir David Goldberg
Revising the meta-structure we use in our classification: towards DSM-5 and ICD11 [30 min]


Professor Luis Rohde
ADHD across the lifespan [55 min]


Professor Wolfgang Gaebel
The pathology of schizophrenia and the concept of neural networks [52 min]


Professor Ahmed Okasha
The emergence of sub-threshold psychiatry [47 min]


Professor Richard Faull with Natalie Cheung and Verna Currey
Huntington's disease [1 hour 1 min]


Panel Session
Symposium on Commercial Sponsorship of Psychiatrist Education [1 hour 20 min]