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International Psychogeriatric Association 2012 Meeting

The International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA) International Meeting 2012 was held from 7–11 September at the Cairns Convention Centre in Cairns, Australia.

The event was jointly hosted by the RANZCP's Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age and the International Psychogeriatric Association. The two organisations have jointly hosted three previous meetings in Australia and New Zealand, all of which were noted for their robust scientific content and friendly atmosphere.

Keynote presentations from the meeting can be viewed below:

The Raymond Levy Lecture
Henry Brodaty, IPA President-Elect, Australia
The Mental Health of Older People Globally is Our Challenge [34 min]


Julie Wetherell, United States of America
Collaboration, Combination, and Culture: Treatment of Anxiety in Older Adults [47 min]


Gerard Byrne, Australia
Late-Life Anxiety: Paradoxes and Predictions [23 min]


Manabu Ikeda, Japan
Older Adults and Mental Health in the Face of Natural Disasters - Tohoku Tsunami Disaster [38 min]


Min-Wei Huang, Taiwan
Older Adults and Mental Health in the Face of Natural Disasters - Morakot Typhoon Disaster [44 min]


Len Gray, Australia
Dementia in the General Hospital - What We Know and What Needs to Be Done [40 min]


Edward Strivens, Australia
Dementia in Indigenous Australians: Challenges and Insights [37 min]