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International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry 20th Annual Conference 2018

Please find below the presentations from the INPP 2018 Conference.

Towards a mature spirituality [PDF; 3.22MB]
Presenter: Davide Bertorelli

An examination of Psychiatric diagnosis through a social and critical lens [PDF; 0.46MB]
Presenter: Amit Bamerjee
Jungian psychotherapy and cultural adaptations [PDF; 3.62MB]
Presenter: Teresa Chan 
The mind and psychiatry in the age of digitalization and artificial intelligence [PDF; 0.42MB]
Presenter: Kai Tai Chan
Is a Science of Psychopathology possible? Integrating Phenomenology and Cognitive Science in Clinical Psychiatry [PDF; 0.81MB]
Presenter: Eric Chen
Ruminations and hyperreflexivity: A common construct between different psychiatric diseases [PDF; 1.70MB]
Presenter: Jorge Davila
Dysphoria in Bipolar Affective Disorder [PDF; 0.68MB]
Presenter: Lorraine Davison
Informed consent must include defining euthymia as a treatment goal in the treatment of mood disorders [PDF; 1.62MB]
Presenter: Anthony Durrell
Conceptual issues in psychiatric diagnosis / classification in the 21st century [PDF; 9.0MB]
Presenter: Michael First
Aesthetics and Well-being: At home with our Values in Mental Health [PDF; 0.68MB]
Presenter: Bill Fulford
Developments in Philosophy and Psychiatry: Towards an Open Society of Ideas [PDF; 2.37MB]
Presenter: Bill Fulford
La Dolce Morte: Aesthetics in the treatment of suicidal ideation [PDF; 0.70MB]
Presenter: Whitney Hagan
Supervenience and the mind-body problem in depression [PDF; 1.25MB]
Presenter: Hiroshi Ihara
Philosophy for resilience: A meaningful intervention for medical students [PDF; 0.91MB]
Presenter: Neil Jeyasingam

Spirituality and mental health. A novel model of ethical formation of medical students [PDF; 2.29MB]
Presenter: Wojciech Kosmowski
Nova et vetera. Prospects for the application of Thomism in the philosophy of psychiatry in the 21st century 
[PDF; 0.85MB]
Presenter: Wojciech Kosmowski
Are mental features spatiotemporal? What neuroscience and philosophy can learn from psychiatry! [PDF; 1.87MB]
Presenter: Georg Northoff
Schizophrenia:  One or many disorders [PDF; 0.18MB]
Presenter: James Phillips

Diseases, Brain states and natural kinds [PDF; 0.09MB]
Presenter: Neil Pickering
Convert treatment and transcultural bioethics [PDF; 1.36MB]
Presenter: Neil Pickering
Psychiatry and the scientific method: Popper, Lakatos, and Kuhn considered [PDF; 0.39MB]
Presenter: Samuel Ryder
Towards an aesthetics of diagnosis [PDF; 0.91MB]
Presenter: John Sadler
Presenter: Eisuke Sakakibara 
The self is an illusion:  A conceptual framework for psychiatry [PDF; 14.8MB]
Presenter: Steve Stankevicius
Dysphoria as a complex emotional state and its role in psychopathology  [PDF; 0.25MB]
Presenter: Vladan Starcevic
Retrospective cross-sectional analysis of advance care planning among psychogeriatric inpatients [PDF; 0.49MB]
Presenter: Don Thomas Thekkuden
Personal identity and psychiatric wellness: a Spinozian view [PDF; 0.55MB]
Presenter: Simon Walker

An enactivist approach to “looping effects” [PDF; 0.75MB]
Presenter: Alina Wang
Does biopsychosocial formulation work in addressing the notion of the self and delivering patient-centred care? 
[PDF; 0.86MB]
Presenter: Professor Michael TH Wong
Giving a voice to users, carers and practitioners: hermeneutics and the whole person discourse [PDF; 1.92MB]
Presenter: Professor Michael TH Wong
Assisted dying for individuals with mental disorders: a risky concept? [PDF; 0.20MB]
Presenter: Josephine Wong