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Inaugural RANZCP Symposium on Youth Mental Health 2012

The Inaugural RANZCP Symposium on Youth Mental Health was hosted by the College's Special Interest Group in Youth Mental Health on Saturday 18 February 2012.  The theme was 'The Mental Health of Young People in the 21st Century: The Challenge for Australian Psychiatry'.

Summary of the Inaugural Symposium on Youth Mental Health [PDF; 48 KB]

Keynote presentations from the meeting are available for viewing below:

Professor Patrick McGorry
Overview of Symposium [3 min]


Session A: The Dimensions Of Youth Mental Health

Professor George Patton
Epidemiology and Burden Of Disease for Mental Disorders in Young People [35 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 3.2 MB]


Professor Nicholas Allen 
The Developmental Psychopathology of Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood [30 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 1.5 MB]


Ms Cathy Mihalopoulos
Economics of Youth Mental Health [42 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 250 KB]


Session B: Cultural and Developmental Perspectives on Transition to Adulthood

Professor Simon Davidson
Making Mental Health Services that work for Young People and their Families [29 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 1.2 MB]


Associate Professor Andrew Chanen
Young People in Transition: Continuities and Discontinuities in Developmental Psychopathology from Childhood through Emerging Adulthood [39 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 450 KB]


Session C: New Directions and Models of Care

Dr Peter Jenkins
From CAMHS to CYMHS: redesigning services to better meet the needs of Youth [21 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 435 KB]


Dr Liz Scott and Professor Ian Hickie
Agnostic or Diagnostic: Clinical Staging in Young People: Clinical Experience and New Data from headspace [28 min]


Professor Patrick McGorry
New Models of Youth Mental Health [39 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 5 MB]


Associate Professor Jane Burns
New Technologies, Social Media and Youth Mental Health [22 min]