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Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age and the Asian Society Against Dementia Conference 2018

Genetics of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease in Asia [PDF; 5.1MB]
Presenter: Dr Eva Bagyinszky

Increased plasma amyloid-β oligomer level associated with cognition deficit in Alzheimer’s Disease [PDF; 1.1MB]
Presenter: Xue Meng

Where are they? Legal Authorities for care in Aged Residential Care Facilities [PDF; 1.1MB]
Presenter: Dr Mark Fisher

Domestic violence presenting to older persons’ mental health services [PDF; 0.3MB]
Presenter: A/Professor Chanaka Wijeratne

Increased functional connectivity of the thalamus in patients with Parkinson’s disease [PDF; 1.1MB]
Presenter: Conor Owens-Walton, Jeffrey Looi

Confabulations without memory deficits in Behavioural Variant Fronto Temporal Dementia and other conditions 
[PDF; 5.5MB]
Presenter: Sid Williams 

The role of altered lipid metabolism in the pathogenesis and progression of Alzheimer’s disease [PDF; 1.3MB]
Presenter: Dr Mei-Chuan Chou

Death & Dying in an Asian Century [PDF; 0.4MB]
Presenter: Dr Ennapadam S. Krishnamoorthy

Death and Dying in Dementia Care: The life experience of family caregivers across the journey of dementia care 
[PDF; 1.3MB]
Presenter: Dr Paulus Anam Ong

Pre-Death Grief Among the Malaysian Caregivers of People with Dementia [PDF; 0.9MB]
Presenter: Dr Suraya Yusoff

Management of Treatment Resistant Depression in Later Life [PDF; 12MB]
Presenter: Andrew Ford

When & How to Use ECT in Older Adults [PDF; 7MB]
Presenter: Frans Hugo

Bipolar Disorder in Later Life: Management Guidance [PDF; 3.7MB]
Presenter: Professor Osvaldo P. Almeida

Whole Exome Sequencing Analysis of Korean Patients with Early Onset Neurodegenerative Disease [PDF; 1.7MB]
Presenter: Eva Bagyinszky

Preclinical dementia: Implications for prevention [PDF; 7.7MB]
Presenter: Ingmar Skoog

The Cognitive Impact of Soluble Fibrillogenic Aβ Oligomers in Prodromal Dementia [PDF; 2.8MB]
Presenter: Dr Kevin Ong

Computerised cognitive training in older adults: What Works? [PDF; 2.5MB]
Presenter: Dr Amit Lampit

Dementia: Beyond Medication [PDF; 1MB]
Presenter: Dr Ennapadam.S. Krishnamoorthy

Computer-based cognitive training via a multifaceted ‘Healthy Brain Ageing’ program [PDF; 2.9MB]
Presenter: Dr Loren Mowszowski

Individual risk factors for possible undetected dementia amongst community-dwelling older people in New Zealand [PDF; 1.3MB]
Presenter: Adrián Martínez

Developing an online learning module for general practitioners to perform capacity assessments: Reflection and evaluation [PDF; 1.9MB]
Presenter: Gary Cheung

Do Māori and Pacific peoples present with dementia at a younger age? [PDF; 0.7MB]
Presenter: Dr Susan Yates

Vascular factors and Alzheimer’s disease: The importance of blood pressure [PDF; 8.6MB]
Presenter: Ingmar Skoog

Vasluar Risk Factors in Alzheimer’s Disease [PDF; 1.4MB]
Presenter: Dr Jong-Ling Fuh

White matter Hyperintensities in Alzheimer’s disease [PDF; 2.8MB]
Presenter: Dr Yuan-Han,Yang
Top Ten Most Challenging Problems in Caring for People with Dementia [PDF; 0.9MB]
Presenter: Yustiani Dikot

Dementia Care Model in Hong Kong [PDF; 0.8MB]
Presenter: Linda Lam

Dementia care in Japan [PDF; 3.6MB]
Presenter: Manabu Ikeda

Dementia Support Australia [PDF; 0.9MB]
Presenter: Stephen Macfarlane

Suicidal behaviour and cognitive disorders in late life: an overview [PDF; 0.8MB]
Presenter: Brian Draper Md

Novel brain imaging and functional connectivity changes associated with cerebrovascular disease and cognition 
[PDF; 5.2MB]
Presenter: Dr Christopher Chen

Imaging the molecular pathology of inflammation and tau in dementia [PDF; 4.8MB]
Presenter: Professor John O’Brien

The diagnosis and management of Dementia with Lewy bodies [PDF; 3.2MB]
Presenter: Professor John O’Brien

Prevalence of dementia in Maori and non-Maori octogenarians: from LiLACS NZ to LiDIA [PDF; 3.7MB]
Presenter: Dr Ngaire Kerse

Are Affective Disorders Modifiable Risk Factors for Dementia? [PDF; 5.9MB]
Presenter: Professor Osvaldo P. Almeida

Niemann-Pick Type C: The Young Adult’s Tauopathy [PDF; 3.8MB]
Presenter: Professor Mark Walterfang

Atrophy of the Posterior Subiculum Is Associated with Memory Impairment, Tau- and Ab Pathology in Non-Demented Individuals [PDF; 2.4MB]
Presenter: Olof Lindberg