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Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age Annual Scientific Meeting 2008

The meeting’s theme is 'Mental Health and Ageing: Preparing for Our Future', to emphasise the need for members of all disciplines to work together to provide high quality medical, psychological, social and spiritual support to older people with complex mental and physical problems.

By this means, we will ensure good care for ourselves and our families in coming decades. We are especially mindful of the needs of older people from Indigenous and culturally diverse backgrounds whose access to care is often compromised.

Videos of the keynote sessions are available below:

Professor Robert Howard 
Can we develop better treatments for late life psychosis? [52 min]


Professor Nicola Lautenschlager
Physical activity as a protective factor for cognition: does it work and how do we make it work? [35 min]


Professor Perminder Sachdev
Cerebral small vessel disease and psychogeriatric disorders: where are we now? [39 min]


Dr Richard Rosewarne
ACFI and aged psychiatry: clinical and research opportunities [26 min]


Associate Professor Brian Draper
Translating dementia research into practice [39 min]


Associate Professor Nancy Pachana
Training students to work with older adults: new challenges, new directions [35 min]


Professor Robert Howard
Where should we be looking for the next best treatments for behavourial disturbance in dementia? [38 min]


Professor Daniel O'Connor
ECT: Australian research [32 min]


Professor John Hodges
Frontotemporal dementia: facts, fallacies and fantasies [55 min]


Ms Ruth Wein
Caring for older survivors of trauma [37 min]


Ms Grace Cabatingan
The lifestyle interview tool [11 min]


Dr Paul Jones
PRN drug use in an acute psychogeriatric inpatient unit [15 min]


Dr Rod McKay
Is routine outcome measurement worthwhile in mental health services for older people? [13 min]


Dr Janine Stevenson
Personality disorders, psychiatric disorders, age and outcomes [19 min]


Dr Chanaka Wijeratne
Depression and dementia: mental literacy of Australian GPs [24 min]


Dr Bruce Boman
The Jacobin GP and the Nuremberg rally: explorations into the history of Parkinson's disease [32 min]