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Faculty of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Conference 2008

The Annual Conference of the RANZCP Faculty of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry was held in Port Douglas on 12–16 October 2008.

Videos of the keynote and other selected sessions are available below.  

Note that some presentation materials are password protected: please enter the password 'child' to access these.

Keynote sessions

Professor Francis Bowling
Getting your mind around molecules  concepts in psychiatry [37 min]


Professor David Fergusson
Childhood conduct problems: developmental consequences and an agenda for intervention [32 min]


Dr Patrick Haemmerle
Internet and adolescents - Swiss situation [34 min]


Mood disorders

Dr Peter Parry
ANZ Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists' views of Paediatric Bipolar Disorder – 2007 Survey Results [17 min]


Dr Veronica Stanganelli
To be or not to be... Bipolar disorder in children [11 min]


Dr Glenn Melvin
Time for a future: treatment of youth depression (a beyondblue supported project) [14 min]


Ms Amanda Dudley
What happens to depressed adolescents? A beyondblue funded 39 year follow-up study [16 min]


Professor Bruce Tonge
Adolescent inpatients 2 years on: what the figures tell us and what the patients tell us about where they are now  [16 min]



Dr Yasir Baqir
Psychoanalytical and other psychotherapy in the public acute inpatient setting [11 min]


Mr Ashraf Badat
Psychoanalytical and other psychotherapy in the public acute inpatient setting [14 min]


Dr Penny Brassey
Musing about mirror neurons [19 min]


Ms Janelle Bowra, Mr Ashraf Badat and Dr Michael Daubney
Is it possible to bring about change in an acute adolescent inpatient mental health unit? [23 min]


Dr Michael Daubney
It's not just the diagnosis  therapy issues in parents with mental illness and infants [17 min]


Ms Judy Lockhart
Holding the child in mind and body? [9 min]


Dr Michael Daubney
Holding the child in mind and body? [10 min]



Dr Peter Krabman
The "three contexts" parenting group: assisting parents to understand and address the interrelating impacts of child, family and broader contextual factors on their child's serious, persistent emotional & behavioural difficulties [19 min]


Dr Elliot Long
Suicidality in asymptomatic adolescents in the paediatric emergency department  evaluation of a screening tool and adolescent mental health in the emergency department  a comparison of paediatric and adult centres [23 min]