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Congress 2009

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The expression 'Living in Interesting Times' is widely regarded as being based on a Chinese proverb, even considered a curse by some! It does also however, strongly reflect the changing society in which we live, particularly the changes in family structures, technology and the environment. 'Living in Interesting Times' highlights the challenges and changes faced by psychiatry at this time. Processes, politics and the mismatch of needs versus resources are just some of the issues explored at the 2009 Congress.

Videos of the keynote sessions are available below: 

President's Address
Professor Ken Kirkby
Psychiatry: responding to population health needs [19 min]


Professor Fran Baum
The social determinants of mental health: dealing with more than the tip of the iceberg [31 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 2.4 MB]


Julian Burnside AO QC
Whose bread I eat, his song I sing [36 min]


Professor Ivan Diamond
From 1000 years of Chinese folk medicine to modern pharmacology: A novel, highly selective ALDH-2 inhibitor suppresses heavy drinking, drug seeking and relapse for alcohol, cocaine, heroin and nicotine [34 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 2.4 MB]


Professor Glen Gabbard
Implications of neurobiological research for the psychotherapy of personality disorders [40 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 1 MB]


Associate Professor Mohan Isaac
Globalisation and its effects on mental health: An Asian perspective [34 min]


Professor Nick Martin
Genomewide association scans for depression and alcoholism [41 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 1.7 MB]



Margaret Tobin Oration
Associate Professor Richard Newton
Values add value: medical leadership in interesting times [42 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 707 KB]


The Schering-Plough (Organon) Senior Research Award
Professor George Patton
"What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" [45 min]


Professor Mark Williams
Mindfulness, depression and modes of mind: when east meets west [42 min]
Presentation material [PDF; 1.8 MB]