Attachment, trauma, and loss – basics and breaking news for psychiatrists

Wednesday 21 April 2021 | 6 pm AEDT | 60-minute webinar

Attachment, trauma, and loss – basics and breaking news for psychiatrists


Associate Professor Loyola McLean 


Dr Simon Byrne

Learning Objectives

This session aims to provide to participants a conceptual overview, essential readings and deidentified case material to:

  • develop a current understanding of the concept of attachment and attachment states of mind for children and adults, including organized and disorganized attachment and complex low-coherence attachment
  • develop a current understanding of the role of attachment and unresolved loss and trauma and complex trauma in psychiatry presentations, formulation and management
  • support applications of the concepts of attachment, trauma and loss and concepts from the Strange Situation Procedure and the Adult Attachment Interview to assessment, case formulation and management in general psychiatry and psychotherapy

CPD hours

Attendance for 75% or more of this webinar may be reported as 1 hour of CPD under Section 4.6 Accredited Online Learning. A certificate of attendance will be available to you in the reports section of My CPD or InTrain or the RANZCP website (depending on your status with the College) and you will need to enter details of your reflection on the learning activity.

Attendance for 75% or more of this webinar, along with completion of the post webinar survey, will automatically be reported in your My CPD record as 1 CPD hours. (similar to Learnit modules).

Certificates and My CPD updates may take up to 10 working days to be available.

Supporting material and additional learning resources

Additional reading

Learnit e-learning resources



Useful websites

Positive psychiatry and mental health massive open online course

Developed by the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, this free course is good for psychoeducation for consumers, carers, interested community members and for clinicians seeking introductory information or revising, including videos on attachment, trauma, psychotherapy and other topics relevant to this webinar.