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About the event

On behalf of the Organising Committee it is my pleasure to invite you to the Faculty of Psychotherapy Conference 2019 to be held in Barcelona, Spain from Friday 12 – Sunday 14 July 2019.

The theme of the Conference is ‘Sexuality and gender: handmaid, mistress or partner?’. In the twenty first century, there has been a massive shift in conceptualisation of these ideas, with profound implications not only for practice and theory, but how we think about human beings. Stable rigid notions are being replaced by fluidity of identification and desire. The conference will aim to explore these concepts and their consequences for the practice of psychotherapy and psychiatry.
We have a wealth of knowledge with our international keynote and invited speakers being:
  • Professor Alessandra Lemma (United Kingdom) on ‘Trans-gender identities’ and ‘Psychoanalytic psychotherapy in the twenty first century: Brief and interpersonal?’
  • Professor Vittorio Lingiardi (Italy) on ‘Born this way: Notes on identity, desire and masculinity’ and ‘Challenging Oedipus in changing families’
  • Professor Louise Newman (Australia) on ‘Female Bodies: Disputed Territory’ and ‘Working therapeutically with women in the era of #Metoo’
  • Professor Louis Sass (USA) on ‘Three Dangers: The implications of phenomenology for the treatment of psychosis’
In addition to the compelling educational program will be the social activities, showcasing some of the best Barcelona has to offer. 

We look forward to joining you in Barcelona for what is sure to be an enjoyable and stimulating conference.
Dr Paul Foulkes
Conference Convenor
Hilton Diagonal Mar
Barcelona, Spain 

12–14 July 2019