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About the event

The 2020 Faculty of Psychotherapy conference will explore the theme ‘Being safe together: Treating trauma in practice.’

The focus is on being safe in the therapeutic space, including in individual therapy and in institutional settings, especially in the context of historical and current traumatic experience. How can we help people to establish a sense of safety in the therapeutic space? How can we help people to talk about their experience, including traumas they may have suffered, in meaningful and useful ways? How do our own personal histories help us or hinder us in this work? How can we be sensitive to cultural difference in making safety?

The conference will take place from Thursday 3rd September until Saturday 5th September. This will be in the middle of the Shinju Matsuri cultural festival, which will provide conference delegates with a wonderful opportunity to extend their stay to take advantage of this special event. Please note that this is a popular time for visitors to Broome, so make sure to book your flights and accommodation early. 

Dr Simon Byrne 

Conference Convenor 

3–5 September 2020
Broome, Western Australia

Registration will open soon