Remaining logged in

To make using the RANZCP website more convenient, RANZCP members can opt to remain logged in for an extended period of time. This makes it easier to access member-only pages.

Note: If you are using a mobile phone or tablet to access the website, the website may look slightly different from the images shown here, but the same instructions apply.

The ‘Keep me logged in’ checkbox

When you log into the RANZCP website, you can choose to check the Keep me logged in box. If you check this box, the next time you visit the site, you will be automatically logged in.

There are two places to log into the website – the Keep me logged in checkbox appears in both.

Keep-me-logged-in.png      Keep-me-logged-in-2-(1).png

With this box checked, you will remain logged into the website on that computer/device, even if you close your web browser or shut down your computer. After 30 days of inactivity on the site, you will be automatically logged off.

With this box unchecked, you will be automatically logged off after 30 minutes of inactivity on the site, or when you close your web browser.

With both options, you can manually log off at any time.

Using a public or shared device

If you use a public or shared computer or device, do not use the Keep me logged in feature.

To protect your personal information and avoid unauthorised activity, do not check the box when you log in, and remember to log out of the website when you’ve finished.

Logging off

Log off of the site manually by clicking the Log off link in the top right corner.



If you check the Keep me logged in box, but are not automatically logged in when you return to the site, you may need to adjust your browser’s cookie settings.

Cookies are small files used by websites. They are needed for automatic log-in to the RANZCP website. If your browser is not permitting websites to use cookies, or is clearing them whenever the browser window is closed, the automatic log-in feature will not work.

Check your browser’s settings to ensure that cookies are allowed, and not being automatically cleared whenever you close your web browser.

Then, try logging in again. If you are still having problems, clear your browser’s cache, and try again. If these steps don’t work, check that your antivirus software is not automatically deleting cookies.

Safety tips

  • On a public or shared computer or device, do not use the Keep me logged in feature, and log off manually when finished. Do not enable the password storing feature in your browser.
  • Choose a strong password, and change it regularly.
  • Avoid using the same password for other accounts.
  • Don’t share your password with others.

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Need support?

For support, contact, or call 1800 337 448 (toll-free within Australia) or 0800 443 827 (toll-free within New Zealand).