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Northern Territory Mental Health Service Strategic Plan 2015-2021

Publishing organisation: Northern Territory Department of Health

Year of publication: 2015

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  • The Northern Territory Mental Health Service Strategic Plan 2015-2021 (the Plan) provides an overview of the key priorities of the NT Government in developing the health system over the next six years. Six key priority areas are identified, with the following key approaches identified:
  • Establishment of frameworks to support cross-agency and -sectoral collaboration, and to establish linkages to support care coordination.
  • Holistic care models are emphasised, particular those capable of addressing the physical health needs of people with mental illness.
  • Priority is given to improving the linkages between the mental health sector and general practitioners and other parts of the primary health sector in order to enhance prevention and early intervention.
  • Enhancement of the capacity of consumers and carers to be involved in decisions around care planning and service development will be promoted via standards and policies.
  • Planning for a sustainable mental health workforce, including succession planning will be a focus, as will be the provision of high quality clinical supervision and provision of appropriate ongoing training to staff.
  • The Mental Health and Related Services Act will be reviewed to ensure legislation reflects best practice.
  • Organisational and clinical governance structures and systems will be assessed to ensure the delivery of safe, high quality treatment and care. This includes utilising consumer outcome measurements and perceptions of care to inform quality improvement activities.

Data collection will be streamlined and improved, including across inpatient and community services so as to enhance the capacity for comparison and reporting. This will be aided by new technologies, working towards a paperless system.