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New Zealand Health Strategy

Publishing organisation: New Zealand Ministry of Health

Year of publication: 2016

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The New Zealand Health Strategy: Future direction outlines the high-level direction for New Zealand’s health system over the 10 years from 2016 to 2026. It lays out some of the challenges and opportunities the system faces, describes the desired future, including the culture and values that will underpin this future, and identifies five strategic themes for the changes that will progress toward this future. The Strategy also includes eight principles that reflect the values of New Zealanders and their expectations of the health system. The Strategy principles can be used to guide decisions – for example, about how services could be redesigned, who should be involved and what outcomes to expect.

The legislation that governs New Zealand’s publicly funded health and disability services requires the Minister of Health to have a strategy for health services (the New Zealand Health Strategy) aimed at improving the health of people and communities. Legislation also requires a strategy for disability support services (the New Zealand Disability Strategy). Taken together, the two strategies provide a framework for the full range of services that comprise the wider health and disability system. The previous health strategy was developed in 2000.

There is also a companion document titled The New Zealand Health Strategy: Roadmap of actions 2016.