We need to look through a humanitarian lens on India crisis, says psychiatrists

05 May 2021

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) has called on the Federal Government to consider all options to help Australians stranded in India. 

RANZCP President, Associate Professor John Allan, has urged the government to look at this crisis as an opportunity to help Australian citizens. 

‘There needs to be a humanitarian and compassionate lens placed on this disaster by this government, with urgent action on facilitating assistance to these Australians and bringing them home’, said Associate Professor Allan 

‘Amidst the COVID-19 crisis in India, there are numerous Australians who now find themselves stranded and in desperate need of help. 

‘We urge the government to consider new quarantine models to provide for rapid consideration and expansion, ensuring sufficient quarantine capacity in this humanitarian effort.

‘We need the government to be talking and acting in a way that is constructive and helpful, instead of being punitive and negative, talking fines and jail. 

‘Our fellow Australians are caught in the middle of a disaster. Not only is their health at risk, but the mental health impact of enduring this is going to have long-term repercussions. 

‘We also call on the government to consider what they can do to continue to support the Indian Government and its people during this time of tragedy with whatever resources available, including materials and personnel.’

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