Update regarding examination cancellation

24 November 2021

The College is continuing to communicate with impacted candidates and the wider membership on our efforts to address these events and considerations for a way forward. The College takes responsibility for its members and the impact on their lives and careers and again apologises for the significant distress experienced.

A number of issues have been addressed in recent days:

  • Several options have been discussed, and the Board and key stakeholders are focusing on appropriate alternative assessment pathways for all impacted candidates. The alternative pathways may include options to conduct a workplace-based assessment in a timely manner and we would like to begin implementation of the alternative pathway before year’s end.
  • The College is working closely with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) to ensure that the alternate pathways meet the accreditation standards and community expectations. We will aim to finalise the details and submit the proposal to the AMC as soon as possible and provide the details of the alternative assessment pathways after we have AMC approval. We are also in contact with the Medical Council of New Zealand who are also meeting with the AMC today.
  • Reimbursement to candidates of the examination fee is currently being processed.
  • Candidate welfare and ensuring the least burden is placed on candidates has been a key factor in all discussions. We would like to acknowledge the tireless work of the Trainee Representative Committee members and Co-Chairs in particular, in advocating on behalf of the trainees in respect to this matter as well as others who are advocating on behalf of the Specialist International Medical Graduates. They have been strongly advocating for the best interests of all trainees and the College has been working closely with them to ensure that these interests are at the forefront of our decision making. We are all working towards a solution, and one that can be delivered with assurance.

We are aware that Directors of Training and local networks have been in contact to offer support to those that were impacted by the examination cancellation. It is important to maintain these support networks during this difficult time.

From across the College there has been a huge outpouring of feeling for what many have been through and there is also a tremendous convergence of goodwill to be part of whatever it takes to repair the harm that has occurred.

We are grateful for the continual promotion of mutual respect and professionalism amongst colleagues which is integral to the collegiality and ongoing fabric of the College ethos. Our sincere thanks to the many members who have contacted the College to offer their support in getting us through this crisis.

The College will continue to keep you well informed with regular and timely updates.