RANZCP Foundation launches 2020 Annual Review

04 June 2021

The RANZCP is pleased to launch the RANZCP Foundation’s 2020 Annual Review.

‘The 2020 RANZCP Foundation Annual Review highlights our ongoing success in advancing psychiatry and the mental health of our communities. We are especially proud to showcase the incredible research projects that were made possible through the RANZCP Foundation,’ said Professor Malcolm Hopwood, RANZCP Foundation Committee Chair.

‘Given the challenges of 2020, these achievements are especially encouraging. On behalf of the RANZCP Foundation, I want to sincerely thank all of our generous supporters, including the Trisno family and the Kinsman family, for enabling us to continue to advance ground-breaking research projects in psychiatry.’

‘I also wish to acknowledge Dr Elizabeth O’Brien’s contributions as Chair of the RANZCP Foundation Committee from 2019-2021. Her guidance, stewardship and insight has laid the groundwork for a prosperous future for the Foundation. Thank you, Elizabeth, for all your valuable work.’

It’s an exciting time for the RANZCP Foundation as we continue to lead the way with key initiatives, new research projects, and strategic partnerships with major donors and government.

Please take the time to read about what we’ve done – and where we’re going – in the 2020 RANZCP Foundation Annual Review.

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