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RANZCP Foundation research update

16 December 2019

Following the official launch, at Congress this year, the inaugural RANZCP Foundation Committee was established and has driven a number of key developments including: developing our vision and mission; adopting a new five-year fundraising strategy to ensure our sustainability and growth; and identified the thematic focus areas for next phase of our work. 

Here’s a snapshot of one of our researchers.





Dr Katherine Moss (centre)

Physical activity for patients with mental illness in a forensic setting

The project is well underway, with the early data collected from participants indicating high body mass indices, as well as a high percentage of obesity coupled with low rates of activity levels for some patients.

The preliminary findings from interviews suggests that 80% of patients would attend a psychical activity intervention, but that barriers such as their current physical health, access to facilities, motivations, sedations and emotional stress limited their capacity to participate in these activities. Yet, 95% of participants did believe that exercise was important, and most (70%) would give up leisure time to exercise.

The importance of this translational research is best summed up by the voices of the participants:

“All the endorphins affect your mental sleep better if you exercise...function gives you a feeling of wellbeing... works out your emotions”

 “…as far as my mental health goes I can’t put it into words…I just feel so much saner when I exercise…I’m more positive and smile more”. 

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You can contact the Foundation at any time by email at or by phone on +61 3 9236 9107 or visit the Foundation page