New episodes available in The Thought Broadcast podcast series

02 August 2021

The Thought Broadcast is a new podcast of Australasian Psychiatry that is produced by psychiatry trainees, for trainees. The podcast will aim to demystify the Scholarly Project, an assessment that trainees submit as part of the RANZCP Fellowship Program, as well as looking into trainee research. It will focus on the stories behind successful projects, and conversations with authors on how they came up with ideas and transformed them into published research. Consultant psychiatrists who are experienced in publishing and research will be interviewed and featured on the podcast.


Two new episodes are now available:

Observation to Publication

The first episode of this trainee generated podcast series explores the journey of an original research project from real-world clinical observation through to publication. Focussing on the Scholarly Project of podcast co-creator and Associate Trainee Editor of Australasian Psychiatry Dr Bryan Bui, the conversation demonstrates how trainees can find meaningful research opportunities in their routine clinical care. Dr Bui is also candid about the challenges, and great benefits, of conducting research in a remote training location. This start to the series exemplifies that through conversation we can demystify the Scholarly Project and humanise the research experience. Episode 1 also introduces Dr Oliver Robertson and Dr Andrew Amos as hosts of The Thought Broadcast, while Dr Michael Weightman was unavailable for recording but was integral in the creation of the series.

Start Early

The second episode of the series welcomes Associate Professor Jeremy Couper, chair of the Scholarly Project Subcommittee, to provide trainees with valuable insights into the make-up of successful projects. Jeremy offers an open discussion on the expectations of the College, common trainee pitfalls, and tips for completing and submitting work of publishable standard. Not only for trainees, this primer will also be appreciated by supervisors who are looking to maximise the output of their supervisees. Episode 2 also introduces regular panel member Dr Michael Weightman.

Visit the The Thought Broadcast web page to view other topics and to listen to the podcast.