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New course on trainee support resources now available in Learnit

14 November 2019

The Trainee support resources series developed by the College to complement the Formal Education Courses and support Trainees in learning about key topics is expanding.

A new course has arrived: Effective teaching and learning now available in Learnit [member-login required].

This module aims to provide a broad outline of current approaches on how to learn and teach effectively. We'll describe current key theories of learning that can be applied to learning for examinations and CPD. A further aim is to offer suggestions for how these theories are applied in the context of giving presentations and giving and receiving feedback.

In this module you will learn about:

  • some key learning theories and concepts and how these are relevant to:
    • targeted learning, for example, the RANZCP syllabus.
    • personal development as a life-long learner, for example, CPD.
  • some guidelines for formal presentations, whether to small or large groups.
  • the 3 key areas to consider in a presentation, and top tips.
  • feedback models.
  • guidelines for effectively giving and receiving feedback.

The College would like to acknowledge and thank Associate Professor Lisa Lampe,

Dr Joanna MacDonald and Dr Wayne de Beer for their expertise in the development of the course. 

Don’t forget to consult the other courses of the series:

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Introduction to the Theory of Psychiatric Ethics

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Courses from the series are eligible for CPD hours upon completion.

Future courses of the series will cover a broad range of topics: Neurosciences, Genetics, Psychopharmacology, Statistics for Critical appraisal, and Phenomenology.