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New Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy fits hand in glove with wider work of NZ psychiatrists

29 August 2019

The Chair of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) New Zealand National Committee – Tu Te Akaaka Roa, Dr Mark Lawrence, commends the government on the launch of its new Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.

‘Given the genuine involvement of communities, alongside 125 planned actions to be led by 20 government agencies, the strategy has the potential to be held up as a model in multidisciplinary work,’ said Dr Lawrence.

‘Working together and getting the right people in the right place are two of the RANZCP’s key policy platforms.

‘Integrating Māori kaupapa – by Māori for Māori and all – is a principle we believe in. This is what evidence has shown brings about good mental and physical health for our whānau and tamariki.’

Dr Tanya Wright, Chair of the RANZCP New Zealand Faculty for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Subcommittee emphasised her enthusiasm for the strategy.

‘This brings together the latest research and presents it in a seamless way that is aspirational, grounded and evidence-based,’ Dr Wright said. 

‘With its focus on reducing child poverty, helping young people and families struggling with mental health issues or addictions, and supporting children’s early years, we should expect to see a reduction in the adverse childhood events that contribute to poor outcomes and poor mental health.’

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