Urgent call for WA psychiatrists with an interest in doctors' health

03 April 2020

The Doctors' Health Advisory Service WA (DHAS WA) is an independent organisation that promotes and advocates for the health of doctors and medical students in Western Australia.

With the current COVID-19 crisis DHAS WA is expecting a lot of distressed doctors. DHAS WA is therefore putting out this urgent request for you to join our Doctors for Doctors list. Having your name on the list indicates that you have an interest in doctors' health and are willing to see doctor and medical student patients as a priority. Hopefully, when the COVID-19 wave hits, we will have a comprehensive list of psychiatrists ready and available to help support our stressed doctors.

To express your interest in being included on this list, please complete the online application.

DHAS WA is also looking for psychiatrists who are experienced in debriefing groups of staff, either via videoconference or at the workplace. Please ring David Oldham on 0403 009 387 if you may be able to help with this.

If you have any questions about this list, then please contact David Oldham or Davinder Hans on 0414 640 437.

Thank you for your help at this time of need.