The RANZCP Member Wellbeing Survey: thank you for your fantastic response

11 December 2020

The 2020 Member Wellbeing Survey has recently wrapped up with over 1,200 members choosing to participate – an 18.5% response rate that was broadly representative of the College across gender, location and member type.

‘This was an exceptional response to receive. We want to convey a big thanks to all members who took the time to share their experiences on wellbeing,’ said Dr Prue McEvoy, Chair of the Member Wellbeing Subcommittee.

The survey results provide a range of new wellbeing insights raised by participants – reflecting not just on their own wellbeing, but extending to that of their peers, their workplaces, and the support offered by the College.

‘A preliminary review of the data and member responses has already been completed. Deeper analysis is still required, including comparing these results to the 2015 welfare survey, but there are some useful early observations that we can already share with members,’ said Dr McEvoy.

  • Excessive workload, emotional exhaustion, COVID-19 and time pressure to see patients featured as the most significant stressors for members in the past 12 months.
  • However, nearly half of all respondents assessed their work—life balance as either ‘mostly balanced with occasional periods of poor balance’ (28%) or ‘mostly balanced’ (21%).
  • Members’ knowledge of doctor’s health/medical services was generally positive, with 72% of respondents aware of appropriate services in their area. 
  • Respondents generally experienced that it was harder to take time off from work than it was easy, with 31% indicating that it was ‘difficult’ to take time off, and 13% that it was ‘very difficult’ to take time off.
  • Having helpful colleagues was the best-rated factor when seeking support to maintain wellbeing (81%), followed by peer review (58%), and then supervision (42%).
  • Members rated the most useful supports offered by the College during COVID-19 as online CPD and webinars, regular updates from the RANZCP President, and the College’s advocacy on behalf of members (e.g. in relation to telehealth and Medicare items).

‘It was particularly pleasing to hear from 464 members who told us that they would like to join groups of members interested in wellbeing. This is an excellent sign that members want to play a part in improving the collective wellbeing of peers and colleagues,’ said Dr McEvoy.

The College will contact these members in the new year about how they can be involved.

The Member Wellbeing Subcommittee will continue its review of the survey results, with a more detailed report for members planned for release in 2021.

Remember, you can always access our Member Wellbeing Support Hub if you, or a colleague needs further support, or simply wants to know what’s available in case they do.