RANZCP Board actions on climate health emergency

11 March 2020

At its recent meeting, the RANZCP Board discussed the memberships’ expectations and concerns regarding climate change and its correlation to the mental health and wellbeing of the public.

The Board agreed on a range of actions to ensure the College is taking a leadership role in advocating on the topic of the climate health emergency and its impact on the mental health of the community.

In Australia, we are pleased to announce the College’s official support of the Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) climate health emergency petition, which calls on the Federal Government to recognise climate change as a public health emergency and demands action.

Members who wish to also sign the petition can do so by visiting www.dea.org.au.

The Board looks forward to scoping opportunities for future collaboration with the DEA and the upcoming iDEA 2020 Conference in Canberra.

It is also investigating to see if there is an equivalent or suitable organisation in New Zealand.

Thank you to the members who have written to the College in recent times on this issue.

We will continue to update the membership on College climate health emergency actions.