Psychiatrists learn from shared peer experiences

19 November 2020

The Practice Peer Review is being developed to replace the “Practice Visit” activity in the CPD program. The impact of COVID-19 has informed significant change to the existing Practice Visit activity.

Practice Peer Review provides a series of structured two-hour discussion meetings, held either in person or virtually over a period of up to three months.

Although, designed to be undertaken as several separate interactions, the program is flexible enough for meeting over a single day together.

The Practice Peer Review structure covers:

  • a process of connecting peers
  • an initial meeting
  • a practice discussion
  • a practice development discussion
  • and finally, a practice reflection facilitated by a trained PPR Facilitator.

The Practice Peer Review is a section 2 Formal peer review activity in the RANZCP CPD program. Supporting psychiatrists from all scopes of practice, and at all stages of career, enabling two peers to discuss elements of their practice.

Involvement in this activity will provide 10 hours of section 2, Formal peer review and 5 hours of section 3, practice improvement.

As a trained PPR Facilitator you will receive 2 hours of section 2 peer review and 2.5 hours of section 3 practice improvement, for each PPR you facilitate and in addition can claim training under section 4 of the RANZCP CPD program.

The benefit of Practice Peer Review is the mutual confidential review of two peers’ practice through a series of structured discussions. The final discussion will be facilitated by a trained PPR Facilitator and utilise coaching principles and techniques to assist participants with identifying actions for improvement of practice.

Limited places will be advertised early next year to be involved in a pilot of the new PPR between March and the end of May 2021.

Further information will follow, however if you have identified a peer with whom you would like to do this activity, it is recommended that you begin thinking about who will place the application when applications open in January 2021.

For further information, please visit the webpage or for general enquiries please contact Ineke Lazcano, Education Development Officer, at